Monday 5 August 2013

New Service to add parental controls at the network level - ideal for kids with ipads ipods and iphones

London, UK - 5 August 2013

A new service for parents allows them to restrict access to certain websites. Unlike PC software which has to run on all computers, this service from allows parents to restrict content on ipads, ipods and other devices, without running any software.

Director, Mark Hopgood explains how the service works.
As a father of 2 wonderful boys, I wanted to control what they view on their devices and any of their friends that come over. I don't mind giving internet access to them, provided they are not accessing dangerous content. I searched for solutions, but what I found was that much of the software needs to be installed on PC. So I looked for a method which would work for any device connected to my wireless network - without having to install software. The solution works at the network level, meaning that there is no software to install, configure or disable on the kids' devices. Basically all the traffic to the internet is filtered by web page. A guest visiting my home and connecting to my wifi will experience the same filtering, without having to install a thing. Servers acting as "proxies" intercept network access to sites I deem unsuitable.

Director, Mark Hopgood explains how the service is set up.
Firstly to enable the service, I work with the family. Get them to tell me which sites they will allow on their network and which they do not. Then I ask them about the different types of sites - there are over 59 categories - an example follows.

figure 1 - example of filters available

Then I set up the family router and run a couple of tests. Following the initial setup I am then on call - any changes that are needed will be actioned. Changes such as specific websites that need adding or taking away from the block list can be actioned.

The initial consultation and setup is £75 and there on the monthly update and support service is £25 a month. Complete piece of mind for your network.

In addition to home networks, offers content filtering to business users. Making sure that office workers do not access inappropriate sites at work.

Contact Mark Hopgood - for more information on how to take up the service.

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  1. If you recommend a friend, there is a £10 discount per recommend, per month.